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Hotel Pelion
Flamingo Hotel Horefto Pelion - Flamingo Hotel

Flamingo Hotel Horefto Pelion

Flamingo Hotel is situated on the beach of Horefto in Pelion in the middle of a green and serene area 20 m away from the Aegean Sea. Thanks to its location it makes up the ideal choice for those that want to know Pelion as a whole. The region itself also offers quite a few chances of getting acquainted with the local customs and traditions, as well as its history. A great deal of activities can additionally take place there.

The National Airport of Volos (Nea Anchialos) is only 90 minutes away, while the centre of Horefto is only 5 minutes.

In close distance:

Nearby places of interest:

• Bakery Shop, 150 metres away
• Restaurants, 100 metres away
• Newsagent’s, 200 metres away
• Mini Market, 200 metres away
• Pharmacy, 10 minutes away
• Health Centre, 15 minutes away
• Sports at close distance
• Bus Station, 200 metres away
• Airport at close distance
Flamingo Hotel Services - Flamingo Hotel

Flamingo Hotel Services

Our goal is to try and satisfy your every need through our services, in the best way possible.

We offer you a series of amenities and services that promise to make your staying at our hotel so relaxing and comfortable that you will feel yourself at home. Below we provide you with a list of our supplied services, regular or on request.
Our Family hotel offers the following facilities:
• 30 metre distance from the beach of Horefto in Pelion
• 300 metre distance from the centre of Pelion
• Quite big, fully equipped and furnished apartments (over 20 square metres each)
• Complete and modern kitchen and bathroom equipment with crystal cabins
• High Speed Internet Connection
• Quality Cleaning Services
• Laundry service (On Request)
• Pharmacy
• Courtyard
• Garden
• Coiffeur (on request)
• Full meal (on request)
• Rent a car (on request)
• Taxi Services
• Courier service
• Panoramic view
• Library
• Fax
• Office Services
• Sports at close distance
• Cultural and artistic events in nearby areas
Hotel Flamingo
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Flamingo Hotel Pelion – When relaxation presents a need

Seek for the myth, escape in the nature, feel the dream, walk into the steps of Regas Fereos, enjoy unique sights, swim in turquoise water, relax listening to the sea waves splashing.

Feel the serenity, breathe the fresh air, try the local specialties, and drink homemade “tsipouro” and wine. Meet new people, enjoy your holiday and live an unforgettable experience in our family hotel in Horefto Pelion.

Travel to Pelion, where the sun meets the sea, the green fades into the Aegean blue and the myth is lost into the tradition. Come to Horefto to live your own myth discovering what makes the difference and “Flamingo” hotel guarantees you an unforgettable trip involving all your senses.

The myth lives here, discover it. When rest is the most important need in your vacation, Flamingo beach Hotel -Horefto Pelion-, built with the traditional architecture of Pelion by the sandy beach and decorated tastefully and with love, becomes the ideal solution.

This pleasant environment by the seaside is filled with the colours of the flowers and the plenty of sunlight and offers true relaxation through sunbathing, reading or playing with your friends.

In the afternoon and in the evening, the calm and serene atmosphere maintained at our hotel creates provocatively the mood for pleasant chatting while sipping coffee or a drink. The tiled courtyards with the blooming flowers at the front and side of the beach hotel may please your wish.

Hotel Flamingo in Horefto, Pelion, like the well-travelled migrant bird, knows the secrets of hospitality and the true needs of travellers and awaits you for a pleasant and care-free vacation in Pelion Greece.

Flamingo Hotel is one of the most beautiful and well cared hotels in Pelion. Learn about the facilities and services available at our rooms. Pelion, as well as Flamingo Hotel, await you!

Hotel Area

Full office services are provided at the reception of our hotel, such as high-speed internet connection, desktop computers, fax, photocopier, scanner, card reader, as well as connection via Bluetooth. That way we guarantee that you enjoy your vacation to the maximum, while maintaining full contact with your professional responsibilities.

At our hotel lounge we can offer you a cup of coffee, a variety of refreshments or even a piece of our local sweet specialties. You can also find a variety of books to read in your free time or you can just as easily relax and enjoy your favourite TV show or DVD movie.

Last but not least, you can find a veranda with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, where you can sit at any time of the day and cherish your coffee, drink or even your meal while gazing at the infinite blue of the sea.

Reasons to choose our hotel

Along with your vacation, Flamingo Hotel can also offer you various activities in the sea or mountain as well as excursions to the mountain or the sea caves, acquaintance with the nature, the tradition and the mythology of Pelion. Comfort and family moments are offered just 20 m away from the Aegean Sea, in our furnished and fully-equipped apartments.


  • Located in a calm location
  • Professional service provided by our personnel
  • High Quality Cleaning Services
  • Privacy as the balconies one can have a drink or coffee in are for our customers only
  • Free extras, depending on the season, such as welcoming drinks at your arrival
Have a look at the ratings our customers gave, after staying at Flamingo Hotel.

These are opinions expressed by our customers, as far as their experiences during staying at our family hotel are concerned.

Flamingo Hotel is suggested, whenever questions arise about the accommodation in Pelion, by Booking, an internationally recognized tourist company, it has also been awarded by Trivago, a company that offers online – services to travelers that look for advice as far as their travel destinations are concerned and takes part in the top hotel chain, called the Finest Hotel Of the World.
Moreover, it participates in the certifying body of ecological – green Hotels, Green Green World. In the past, it has also been certified with ISO 9001.

2011: Flamingo Hotel joins in the green hotel network, Green Green World – The Green World Partnership Ltd.

2010: The clients of Booking (Priceline association) gave our hotel the rating of Superb – 9.3/10, as far as the region of Pelion is concerned.

2010: Trivago (with its subsidiary companies - InterContinental Hotels Group, Expedia, Venere, etc) evaluates “Flamingo” among the first 11 hotels, in the category “Best Provincial Hotel in Thessaly”.

2009: Flamingo Hotel takes part in The Finest Hotels of the World chain.

2006-2007: Gets certified under ISO 9001 by UKAS MANAGEMENT.