Travel to Pelion

Travel to Pelion – Tour in Pelion – How to get here

There are many ways to get to Pelion. By plane, car, bus train and ship. Below you can find detailed instructions on how to come to Pelion very easily.


Travelling by plane (Volos Airport)

You may come and enjoy unique holidays in Pelion through the airport of Volos, during the summer period (April – October). In the airport of Volos there are regular, programmed flights from and to Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Brussels and Spain.

You may also come through the airport in Skiathos.


Instructions for a travel – tour by car.

Once you decide to travel to Pelion and come to the municipality of Zagora and to the beach of Chorefto by car, you should first reach Volos. Chorefto is 54 km from Volos through Chania and 7 km from the municipality of Zagora, which is the middle of the distance and the biggest municipality in Pelion.

The access to the region of Volos is direct and easy through the P.A.TH.E. motorway.


Instructions to come to Horefto!

  1. Come from Athens or Salonika through the highway until you reach the junction of Velestino-exit to Volos.
  2. Turn to the exit to Volos and after about 19 km you will reach the Larissis Street in Volos.
  3. Before entering Volos, on the right side of the street you will find an exit to Portaria. Turn to that exit and enter the ring road.
  4. Go straight ahead and after a few junctions with flashlights you will see a road sign showing that the way to Portaria and Chania is on your left.
  5. Turn left, go past Portaria and Chania and go down the mountain to Zagora. (Don’t turn right at the ski centre in Chania to Kissos.
  6. About half an hour later you will see o road sign, showing you to turn left to Zagora.
  7. In the centre of Zagora there is a sign showing you to turn right to Chorefto.


If you are using a GPS the Coordinates are:

Zagora GPS Coordinates: 39° 26' 34.65" N   23° 06' 09.96" E

Horefto GPS Coordinates: 39° 27' 24.86" N   23° 7' 7.17" E 


Travel – Tour by Bus (Bus Station of Volos)

If you decide to travel to Pelion through the KTEL of Nea Magnisia, there is frequent, every-day bus service to Chorefto. There is also the ability, through Flamingo Hotel to rent a car or hire a TAXI in order to get here easily.

For the bus service of KTEL Volos view the relevant page.


Travel by Train – Pelion – Volos

Your travel to Pelion may take place through the Hellenic Railways (OSE), making daily trips from Athens to Volos, through Larisa.

There are also daily trips from Salonika to Volos.

For the trips from Athens call: (0030 210 524 0646) and from Salonika call: (0030 2310 517517) or visit


Travel by sea – Volos – Pelion

The port of Volos is the 4th biggest port in Greece. You may come to it by ferries or flying dolphins that travel from and to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, Peuki in Euvoia and Platania in Pelion.

Any way you chose to travel by to Pelion will definitely offer you an unforgettable experience. Have a nice trip!

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