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Travel to Pelion

Travel to Pelion – Tour in Pelion – How to get here

There are many ways to get to Pelion. By plane, car, bus train and ship. Below you can find detailed instructions on how to come to Pelion very easily.


Travelling by plane (Volos Airport)

You may come and enjoy unique holidays in Pelion through the airport of Volos, during the summer period (April – October). In the airport of Volos there are regular, programmed flights from and to Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Brussels and Spain.

You may also come through the airport in Skiathos.


Instructions for a travel – tour by car.

Once you decide to travel to Pelion and come to the municipality of Zagora and to the beach of Chorefto by car, you should first reach Volos. Chorefto is 54 km from Volos through Chania and 7 km from the municipality of Zagora, which is the middle of the distance and the biggest municipality in Pelion.

The access to the region of Volos is direct and easy through the P.A.TH.E. motorway.


Instructions to come to Horefto!

  1. Come from Athens or Salonika through the highway until you reach the junction of Velestino-exit to Volos.
  2. Turn to the exit to Volos and after about 19 km you will reach the Larissis Street in Volos.
  3. Before entering Volos, on the right side of the street you will find an exit to Portaria. Turn to that exit and enter the ring road.
  4. Go straight ahead and after a few junctions with flashlights you will see a road sign showing that the way to Portaria and Chania is on your left.
  5. Turn left, go past Portaria and Chania and go down the mountain to Zagora. (Don’t turn right at the ski centre in Chania to Kissos.
  6. About half an hour later you will see o road sign, showing you to turn left to Zagora.
  7. In the centre of Zagora there is a sign showing you to turn right to Chorefto.


If you are using a GPS the Coordinates are:

Zagora GPS Coordinates: 39° 26' 34.65" N   23° 06' 09.96" E

Horefto GPS Coordinates: 39° 27' 24.86" N   23° 7' 7.17" E 


Travel – Tour by Bus (Bus Station of Volos)

If you decide to travel to Pelion through the KTEL of Nea Magnisia, there is frequent, every-day bus service to Chorefto. There is also the ability, through Flamingo Hotel to rent a car or hire a TAXI in order to get here easily.

For the bus service of KTEL Volos view the relevant page.


Travel by Train – Pelion – Volos

Your travel to Pelion may take place through the Hellenic Railways (OSE), making daily trips from Athens to Volos, through Larisa.

There are also daily trips from Salonika to Volos.

For the trips from Athens call: (0030 210 524 0646) and from Salonika call: (0030 2310 517517) or visit


Travel by sea – Volos – Pelion

The port of Volos is the 4th biggest port in Greece. You may come to it by ferries or flying dolphins that travel from and to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, Peuki in Euvoia and Platania in Pelion.

Any way you chose to travel by to Pelion will definitely offer you an unforgettable experience. Have a nice trip!

The weather in Pelion

Pelion has been known by antiquity for its ideal and healthy climate, as it occurs by the combination of the green mountain, the abundance of its waters and the freshness of the Aegean Sea.



April – May – June in Pelio

The spring weather in Pelion and the temperatures oscillate in good levels, between 20-24 Celsius degrees. The sea, clean and calm as always, is ready to welcome the Pelion visitors. To freshen and remind them that summer has returned, to the place where the mythical Gods of Mount Olympus used to spend their holidays.


The bloomed flowers create a colorful scenery and the locals prepare themselves for the Resurrection of man. Residents and visitors walk through the traditional cobbled roads and paths and the impressive and green Pelion that this region was made for vacation, renaissance of the senses and the exploration of the local customs and traditions as well as that of its cultural wealth.

Late April, May and June (along with September and October) are the best seasons for coastal walks from the mountain to the sea or mountain walking in Pelion, especially for the walkers and those who love to admire and live nature up close.



June – July – August in Pelion

The summer weather in Pelion is particularly pleasant with average temperatures between 24-27 Celsius degrees, because of the dew coming from the mountain and the sea is clean, calm and of such temperature that doesn’t take you by surprise at your first touch with it.

The plantation, the flowers and the local fruit make themselves obvious and combined with the walks, the tours, the events, the activities, the sport events and the local festivals and feasts pleasantly fill the impressions and days of our visitors.



September – October in Pelion

During the autumn in Pelion the average temperatures have gone down to 20-24 Celsius degrees approximately, compared to those in summer, and the sea still manages to preserve the specific temperature that allows people to swim and enjoy the unique Greek Beaches.

The mountain adjusts itself to the autumn season and the Apple trees, the Chestnuts and Walnut trees fill its slopes.

For those who like going on holiday in a calm environment, away from the massive tourism, the period between the middle of September until the late October is the most suitable, as the temperature is quite pleasant and the sea remains very clean.

During the September – October period Pelion awaits for its friends, ready to offer endless hours of walks, tours, as well as scenery discoveries that will make their holidays stay fresh in their memory long after they go back home.

Pelion Map

By visiting the Pelion Map section you may draw, according to the map itself, the specific routes you are going to follow while in Pelion. Pelion is in the county of Nea Magnisia in central Greece. Pelion is also a place that offers the visitor sceneries of unique beauty, from the mountain to the sea, golden beaches deep blue seas and crystal springs.

In the first map of Pelion you may see the location of our hotel and the access available from there to the whole Pelion. In the NASA map of Pelion you may see the morphology of Pelion and how this
is visible from space.

By using the Google e-map you may tour the whole Pelion and its villages and by using Routeplanning you may find the way to come to us very easily.

Have a nice trip!
Volos Airport

Fly from: Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, Belgium and Spain to Pelion!

Volos Airport – VOL (Nea Anchialos) started operating in 1991. It is located 26 km away from Volos and easily accessible from highway E75.

European Countries connected to Pelion through the Volos airport:

Germany – Pelion by Air Berlin and Ryan Air in Volos.

Air Berlin has regularly scheduled flights from Düsseldorf, Germany, via Nuremberg to Volos airport, Berlin (Tegel) via Nuremberg to Volos airport, Nuremberg directly to Volos airport and Cologne (Bonn) via Nuremberg to Volos.

Ryan Air has regularly scheduled flights from Frankfurt (Hahn) directly to Volos airport.

Austria – Pelion by Air Berlin & Lauda Air in Volos.

Air Berlin has regularly scheduled flights from Austria (Vienna) directly to Volos airport.

Lauda air has regularly scheduled flights every Sunday from Vienna directly to Volos airport.

Holland – Pelion by Transavia in Volos

Transavia has regularly scheduled flights from Amsterdam (Schiphol) directly to Volos airport. You can also get to Volos from Eindhoven through Bergamo and from Rotterdam through Amsterdam or Nuremberg.

Italy – Pelion by Ryanair in Volos.

Ryanair has regularly scheduled flights from Milan (Bergamo) directly to Volos airport. There are also flights from Rome directly to Volos airport.

Brussels – Pelion by Ryan Air in Volos.

Ryan Air has regularly scheduled flights from Brussels (Charleroi) directly to Volos airport.

Barcelona – Pelion by Ryan Air in Volos.

Ryan Air has regularly scheduled flights from Barcelona through Milan and Rome to Volos airport.

All four airline companies (Air Berlin, Ryan Air, Lauda Air, and Transavia) can get you in touch with the whole world through these airports.

Monarch Airlines and Avro Airlines have chartered flights to Volos airport.

Flight Schedule Summer 2011:

Air Berlin Volos

On Mondays and Fridays from May 2nd until October 7th there are flights from Berlin directly to Volos airport, from Düsseldorf directly to Volos airport, from Hamburg directly to Volos airport, from Cologne (Bonn) through Nuremberg to Volos and from Vienna directly to Volos airport.

On Tuesdays from April 4th until April 28th there are flights from Dresden and Leipzig/Halle to Salonika.

On Thursdays from April 7th until April 28th there are flights from Dresden to Salonika.

Ryan Air Volos

From Italy: There is a flight twice a week from the Bergamo airport in Milan directly to Volos airport.

From Germany: From April until October on Sundays and Tuesdays there are two flights from the Hann airport in Frankfurt directly to Volos airport.

Flights from Rome, Brussels and Barcelonato Volos begin on 27/03/2011.

Lauda Air Volos

On Sundays from May 2nd until October 22nd Lauda Air has flights from Vienna directly to Volos airport.


On Mondays from April 18th until October 17th Transavia has flights from Amsterdam (Schiphol) directly to Volos. You can also reach Volos from Eindhoven through Bergamo and from Rotterdam through Amsterdam or Nuremberg.



Contact Information

Tel: +30 24280 76886

Fax: +30 24280 78111

TELEX: +282105 LGBL GR




Tel.: +30 24280 76886


Postal Address



N. Anchialos



Information Centre

Tel.: +30 28210 83800,  +30 24280 76886

FAX: +30 24280 78111

Volos Bus Station

Volos Bus Station (Volos KTEL) uses modern buses and has an organized station so that you travel in an easy and comfortable way.


For Volos Bus Station website click here.



Volos Bus Station

+30 2421033254,

+30 2421025527, 8001135555 (Greece)

Athnes Bus station

+30 2108329585

+30 2108317186

Thessaloniki Bus Station

+30 2310595424

Patras Bus Station

+30 2610623886,

+30 2610623887

+30 2610623888

E-mail :



Pelion Car Rental
In case you come to Pelion with no vehicle of your own we suggest you rent a car in Pelion, as it could quite help you visit any village and place you desire and most of all.. any time you wish!

In Pelion there is the possibility to rent any vehicle you like, from a bike and motorbike up to a van and even a boat!

In order to rent a car or any other vehicle you desire you may contact our hotel and the vehicle of your liking will be waiting for you at the airport or any other place you wish at the best renting prices available.
Useful Information

Travel links

Useful telephones in the area

  • Zagora Health Centre
    • 24260 22222
  • Zagora Pharmacy
    • 24260 22400
  • Makriraghi Pharmacy
    • 24260 32100
  • Gas station – Vulcanizater
    • 24260 22579
  • Zagora Police Station
    • 24260 22529

Flamingo Hotel, Pelion - Horefto - Tel. +30 24260 23405

May – June in Pelion
May and June are probably two of the best months that visitors may choose for their vacation in Pelion and the beautiful beach of Chorefto.

The mountain is full of blooming flowers and vivid colors, the sea is deep blue and serene, ready to welcome every visitor and offer them endless times of relaxation and swim along with unique cruises in every beach in Pelion.

Because of the good weather and the mild temperatures Mount Pelion may come forward for easy or more difficult hiking in May and June and visitors may pleasantly walk through it enjoying the company of the blooming flowers and the clean paths.

During May and June Flamingo hotel has many offers and special prices for its visitors.

We offer you free services, low transfer prices from and to the airport, organized walks - hiking, cruises to the mythical caves, jeep touring, etc.

We also offer appealing prices for activities dealing with the knowledge of nature, of culture, of everyday life in the village and of the general life in Pelion.

Once you decide to visit us during May – June we can make sure that you are one of our pleased guests that choose to come to us every summer for their holiday.