Sights & Activities for Couples

Experiences for Couples in Pelion
Pelion is a romantic place. According to the Greek Mythology our region in Pelion is where the marriage between Pileas and Thetis took place as well as that of the King of Lapaths, Perithos, with the beautiful Ippodamea, according to Homer, Pindarus and Euripides.

The first beauty contest between the beautiful goddesses Ira, Athena and Aphrodite also took place here.

In Chorefto, nowadays, couples can have a wonderful vacation in Pelion under a unique atmosphere, while gazing at the moon from the beach and at the same time enjoying a romantic dinner by the sea or going on a cruise to the Pelion beaches where Pileas fell in love with Thetis.

After a full day devoted to the exploration of Pelion, our guests may still feel at home, since they can find anything they might need in our apartments.

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Our personnel is there to help you with everything you need (e.g. a romantic atmosphere accompanied with champagne and flowers, the name of the restaurant etc) and give you information about our region and the things you can do here.

Things to do when you’re a Couple:

Gaze the moon or the full moon from the sand
Have a meal by the sound of the sea
Go on a cruise
Visit the museums
Have a good time at the bars in Horefto
Participate in Dj events and parties at nearby beaches
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