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Holidays in Pelion

Holidays in Pelion

Holidays in Pelion – Places to visit
Starting from Horefto, while being on holiday in Pelion you may take part in walks to the mountain, go on cruises from Horefto to unique beaches and to the caves of Poseidon, go for a ride on the Pelion Train, participate in the local feasts, in the events of the Cultural Summer or the Pelion Festival and various other touristic events that promise to bring pleasure to your vacation.

Holidays in Pelion – Things to see
During your holidays in Pelion it is without question worth paying a visit to Zagora (15 minutes away from Horefto), to the Secret School of Regas Fereos, admiring the old churches and the library, seeing the central square, visiting the laboratory of production of the local pasta and the laboratory of production of the local sweets of the Women’s Feminine Association, the cobbled roads, the stone built houses, as well as the age-long planes that decorate its traditional squares.

Don’t leave out buying some of the local sweets, fruit and pasta! They are considered exquisite delicacies that will nostalgically remind you of your vacation.

In the taverns or restaurants you should definitely try “spetzofai” (a specialty in Pelion), fterokeftedes, kolokythokeftedes, season salads, as well as the local wine or tsipouro.

At nights you may enjoy the view of the moon from the beach or our hotel balconies. You may also go for a walk on the beach and get on with you entertainment in the rhythms of the summer at the small beach bars during you holiday nights.

Holidays in Pelion – Things to do
You may visit many of the other existing sights and villages that will leave you with the best impressions of your holidays in Pelion.

The best way to explore Pelion is by car; the public transport is also quite satisfying but limits your schedule, especially if you wish to visit a number of places.

Starting from the Flamingo Hotel, the most famous Pelion villages that you can visit by car while going round Pelion are:

Zagora (must see)

The biggest village in Pelion with the greatest historical past. It counts 3.000 residents and has the well-known sandy beach of Horefto as its seaport. The combination of the green scenery and the running waters offer a unique sight. Zagora also has the biggest apple production in the Balkans, named “Zagorin”. There is also the rich plantation full of chestnut trees, planes, beeches and olive trees on its lower altitude.


The balcony of Pelion with a unique view at the Aegean Sea and Horefto.


A great centre of cultivation and sale of flowers. The flowers sold here may well enough decorate your house.


A village literary choked in its green scenery, with an old and very beautiful church.


The village with the huge planes and the beautiful mansions. The stone bridge and the 1.000 year-old plane are also worth paying a visit.


While on vacation, you should as well visit the Pelion Train, the church and the library.


Just 1 km away from Milies. These two villages give you the opportunity to get to know the traditional architecture in Pelion.


Quite a representative village of Pelion – many of the tourists on holiday in Pelion visit it in order to get to know a traditional village in Pelion. It has a spectacular view of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf. You can also go to the Folklore Museum, the churches of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) and the central café with projects of our popular painter Theophilos.

The hospitality of the locals in Pelion, the traditional mansions, the cool springs, the cobbled roads and the Pelion beaches with their exotic beauty invite you to a unique journey into the dream.

Food and Restaurants in Pelion

Food is one of the basic components that make up a holiday for every visitor. Pelion can offer you a unique journey into the flavors created by our grandmothers over time…

During your stay there is the ability for you to choose between dozens of restaurants and taverns in Pelion, where you can taste the local specialties of Pelion and many traditional appetizers.

Some of the local specialties that definitely worth trying are “spetzofai”, mousakas, “tsitsiravla”, the local pies and meat ,as well.

Finally, your tasty feast will be completed with the traditional sweets of Pelion, made by the women of the area.

You may get the traditional products and dishes, such as sweets, honey, apples, chestnuts, homemade pasta, wine, etc very easily, so that all the traditional delights of Pelion go home with you!

Pelion Entertainment

All kinds of touristic infrastructure, sport – cultural events and suggestions of entertainment that will facilitate your stay can be found in the organized beach of Horefto.

During the summer your days and nights will be filled with pleasure and accompanied by the various restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

Many events of entertainment also take place in the summer period, such as the Pelion Festival, various dances and music nights.

All day beach bars that organize events and bars, rock or not, that organize Latin dancing nights are some of the alternative entertainment suggestions that take place in nearby beaches.

Our hotel is the best starting point to get to know the beautiful Horefto and the fantastic Pelion region.

Pelion Festival

The customs and traditions remain unchanged over time. The Pelion Festival and Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Zagora take place every summer.

Through the artistic and cultural events, apart from the local dances and music, the visitors of Pelion can also get to know the past, the present and the way of life of the residents of Pelion.

The Pelion Festival and the Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Zagora are successful institutions that take place every summer and are particularly beloved to many visitors. During your holiday in Pelion don’t leave out going to these events, so that you can experience the original nights in Pelion.

Our hotel can provide you with the schedules and timetables of those events inform you about the particular places and even book your seats, if necessary.

Some of the events taking place in the Pelion Festival and the Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Zagora are:

  • Original ancient Greek music concerts
  • Violoncello and piano concerts
  • Performances of narratives for children
  • Dancing groups reunion
  • Festival Revivals
  • Traditional Wedding in Pelion revival
  • Painting Workshops
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Documentary Speeches
  • Poetry Nights
  • Bazaar of the Professionals
  • Festivals on Sand
  • Exhibitions in the Zagora Museum (School of Regas Fereos)

Enrich your holiday with unforgettable experiences by enjoying every event or Festival taking place in Pelion!

Pelion Athletic Program
You may participate in various sports activities, alone or with your friends, while on holiday in Pelion.

In Horefto, not far away from our hotel, in terms of the Sport Summer, various sport activities take place, sponsored by the Municipality of Zagora:

1. Canoe Kayak
2. Beach Volley
3. Beach Soccer
4. Basketball cup
5. Ping Pong
6. Archery

Other sports take place in the further region of Pelion as well:

1. Scuba Diving 
2. Mountain Bike
3. Horse Riding 
4. Hiking
5. Sailing (Park of the Argonauts, Afissos)
6. Wind Surfing (Park of the Argonauts, Afissos)
7. Sea Fun Park (Park of the Argonauts, Afissos)
8. Water Power Sports (Park of the Argonauts, Afissos)

The personnel of Flamingo Hotel Pelion may inform you on the dates that the above sport activities take place and will show you how to participate.