Agro Tourism

Agro tourism in Pelion

You may enjoy the natural beauty, the flora and fauna of the area through hiking around Pelion and other excursions organized by our hotel. At the same time you can experience the rich sea life and the rare beaches through our cruises.

Attend local cultural events such as traditional dancing, concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, fairs and all the events that are held in our municipality every summer.

Optional visits to the local workshop of traditional Pelion pasta. You can help in the production process and of course try the products.

Find out about local recipes of traditional sweets and watch their production by visiting the local Women’s Cooperative.

Optional visits to a small local wine factory and buy local tsipouro, ouzo and wine. We can also visit an olive mill.

Visit the largest apple cooperative in the Balkans, “Zagorin”. Tour through the Cool House, watch the apple selection and buy “Zagorin” apples of Protected Name of Origin. During the September-October period we can visit an apple orchard and take part in the apple picking.

We can cook local traditional recipes with biological products we will provide you.

Visit the nearby village of Makryrachi renowned for its great flower production which is the main industry of the village.