Cruises Pelion

Daily Cruises to Skiathos, Skopelos, Allonisos
Take part in the daily trips being organized from Pelion to Skiathos. Combine your holiday in Pelion with a daily trip to Skiathos! Combine your holiday to Pelion with an unforgettable cruise to the beautiful islands of Sporades! Pelion is a unique combination of Sea and Mountain, of Blue and Green. In just a little time distance you can find yourself on the top of the green mountain, near idyllic, deep blue coasts. On a daily basis, starting from the port in South Pelion at 9.30, a chance is given to you to visit Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. There you can see the marvelous Castle Islands, the well-known Lalaria and the Cave just before you reach the town of Skiathos, where you can spend a couple of hours. On Sundays, besides going around Skiathos, the trip also involves Skopelos, along with the famous beaches of Elio (Neo Klima), Milies, Panormo as well as the graphical port of Agnonta. There is also the chance for trips to be organized to Alonnisos, a very beautiful island, where yesterday meets today..
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