History & Culture of Horefto Greece

History & Culture
Horefto Pelion was one of the summer residencies of the mythical gods of Mount Olympus and here in Pelion the marriage between Pileas and Nereid Thetis took place as well as that of the King of Lapaths, Perithos, with the beautiful Ippodamea, according to Homer, Pindarus and Euripides.

In our region and more specifically in Palia Mitzela a part of Xerxes fleet during his campaign against Greece was destroyed in 480 BC.

In recent years, Horefto was a very famous seaport where the “Zagorian Ships” set sail from heading to the big markets of Europe and East. The dances, called “horoi” in Greek, for the returning seamen gave Horefto its name.

Here, at a close distance from our hotel Georgios Drosinis was inspired with his poetic collection called “Galini”.

Nowadays, Horefto, unaffected by time stands imperious, first in history among the summer resorts in Pelion, offering its quality visitors holidays in a region of mild touristic development, away from mass tourism and the noise of the crowded summer beaches.

You may visit all the nearby sights Pelion has to offer just by driving your car. What’s more, you have the opportunity to come close and see the unique beaches while having a great time.
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