The weather in Pelion

Pelion has been known by antiquity for its ideal and healthy climate, as it occurs by the combination of the green mountain, the abundance of its waters and the freshness of the Aegean Sea.



April – May – June in Pelio

The spring weather in Pelion and the temperatures oscillate in good levels, between 20-24 Celsius degrees. The sea, clean and calm as always, is ready to welcome the Pelion visitors. To freshen and remind them that summer has returned, to the place where the mythical Gods of Mount Olympus used to spend their holidays.


The bloomed flowers create a colorful scenery and the locals prepare themselves for the Resurrection of man. Residents and visitors walk through the traditional cobbled roads and paths and the impressive and green Pelion that this region was made for vacation, renaissance of the senses and the exploration of the local customs and traditions as well as that of its cultural wealth.

Late April, May and June (along with September and October) are the best seasons for coastal walks from the mountain to the sea or mountain walking in Pelion, especially for the walkers and those who love to admire and live nature up close.



June – July – August in Pelion

The summer weather in Pelion is particularly pleasant with average temperatures between 24-27 Celsius degrees, because of the dew coming from the mountain and the sea is clean, calm and of such temperature that doesn’t take you by surprise at your first touch with it.

The plantation, the flowers and the local fruit make themselves obvious and combined with the walks, the tours, the events, the activities, the sport events and the local festivals and feasts pleasantly fill the impressions and days of our visitors.



September – October in Pelion

During the autumn in Pelion the average temperatures have gone down to 20-24 Celsius degrees approximately, compared to those in summer, and the sea still manages to preserve the specific temperature that allows people to swim and enjoy the unique Greek Beaches.

The mountain adjusts itself to the autumn season and the Apple trees, the Chestnuts and Walnut trees fill its slopes.

For those who like going on holiday in a calm environment, away from the massive tourism, the period between the middle of September until the late October is the most suitable, as the temperature is quite pleasant and the sea remains very clean.

During the September – October period Pelion awaits for its friends, ready to offer endless hours of walks, tours, as well as scenery discoveries that will make their holidays stay fresh in their memory long after they go back home.