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Daily Cruises to Skiathos, Skopelos, Allonisos

Take part in the daily trips being organized from Pelion to Skiathos. Combine your holiday in Pelion with a daily trip to Skiathos! Combine your holiday to Pelion with an unforgettable cruise to the beautiful islands of Sporades! Pelion is a unique combination of Sea and Mountain, of Blue and Green. In just a little time distance you can find yourself on the top of the green mountain, near idyllic, deep blue coasts. On a daily basis, starting from the port in South Pelion at 9.30, a chance is given to you to visit Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. There you can see the marvelous Castle Islands, the well-known Lalaria and the Cave just before you reach the town of Skiathos, where you can spend a couple of hours. On Sundays, besides going around Skiathos, the trip also involves Skopelos, along with the famous beaches of Elio (Neo Klima), Milies, Panormo as well as the graphical port of Agnonta. There is also the chance for trips to be organized to Alonnisos, a very beautiful island, where yesterday meets today..

Pelion Mountain

Rare plantation, Flowers, Herbs, and Paths in a colorful combination make up the magical scenery of the Pelion Mountain!

Since ancient time Pelion Mountain was thought to be the mountain of flowers and pharmaceutical herbs. According to mythology, it was the summer residence of the gods of Mount Olympus and homeland of the Centaurs. Moreover, Peleas’ wedding with Thetis along with the first beauty contest between the beautiful goddesses Era, Athena and Aphrodite took place at its slopes. Finally, the Secret School of Regas Fereos that contributed a great deal during the Greek Revolution of 1821 is located on the mountain.

Pelion Mountain spreads from the northwest to the Southeast with a length of 44 km and width of 10 km south up to 25 km north.

The mountain’s borders are Platanorema near Neochori in the south and Kaporema near the monastery of Flamouri in the north. The highest peak of the mountain is at the north side, 1.624 m high (peak of Pourianos Stavros). Some other peaks are Kotroni 1.550 m, Pliasidi 1.547 m, Aidonaki 1.537 m, Agriolefkes 1.471 m, Dramala 1.455 m, Schitzouravli 1.450 m, Golgothas 1.415 m, Lagonika 1.300m.

There are also some remarkable springs in Pelion that might interest you to visit. The most important are those of Kaliakouda and Lagonika. The springs known in the mountain are approximately 70. There are also some big streams such as those of Lagonika, of Vrichona, of Kaliakouda and of Felouka that have a high flow during the winter.

By following the paths of the mountain one may admire the various kinds of flora and fauna, at least 1.500 kinds of plants and 14 kinds of threatened habitats. Pelion is protected by articles 92/43 and 79/409 of the European Union, as part of the NATURA 2000 Program of the European Union with the code GR 1430001.

Three kinds of plants (Campanula incurva, Lesquereuxia syriaca και Soldanella pelia) are included in the “Red Book of Plants in Greece”, whereas there are totally 38 rare kinds.

While going up Mount Pelion one can come across beech forests, while in the North there are the Macedonian Firs. There is a line of chestnut trees beneath them. In the central squares of some of the villages there are perennial planes, actual natural monuments!

The 24 villages of Pelion were constituted during the period of the Ottoman Domination, with Zagora being the biggest village and the commercial centre as well. Horefto still is the port of Zagora.

In Mount Pelion there are olive tree crops in lower altitude, apple tree crops in eastern medium altitude and potato cultivation in higher altitude.

Mount Pelion has such a special beauty every time of the year that it invites everyone to discover and fully enjoy it!

Pelion Jeep Tour

Feel free and come closer to nature, see places that very few have ever seen and admire the summits of Pelion, the Aegean and Pagasitikos Gulf.

Carla Lake and Veneto, the mountain shelters and the places where the local people get the wood to heat their houses on cold winter days. Either in a 4x4 jeep or on a mountain bike we will pass by several monuments, bridges, caves and other natural monuments. We really know this mountain like nobody else does.

Indicative Off Road Tours

  1. Chorefto-Analipsi-Pouri-Vrios-Palia Midgela
  2. Chorefto-Taxiarches-Makryrachi
  3. Agriolefkes-Forest road-Agia Marina-Pouri-Analipsi-Chorefto
  4. Chania-Ai-Lias- Athonas-Chorefto
  5. Zagora-Pardalou
  6. Rasova-Zagora-Pouri-Agia Marina
  7. Pouri-Vrios
  8. Pouri-Ano Kerasia-Melissiatika-Volos

There is also the possibility to visit the old sanatorium, the place where coal is produced and the ski centre with a view of the Aegen Sea and the Pagasitic Gulf.

The Off Road routes in Pelion promise to give you a unique acquaintance with nature.

The Off Road Pelion Tours will take place using your own or rented Jeeps or mountain bikes. Flamingohotel provides you with an experienced guide as well as the necessary instructions.

Agro tourism in Pelion

You may enjoy the natural beauty, the flora and fauna of the area through hiking around Pelion and other excursions organized by our hotel. At the same time you can experience the rich sea life and the rare beaches through our cruises.

Attend local cultural events such as traditional dancing, concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, fairs and all the events that are held in our municipality every summer.

Optional visits to the local workshop of traditional Pelion pasta. You can help in the production process and of course try the products.

Find out about local recipes of traditional sweets and watch their production by visiting the local Women’s Cooperative.

Optional visits to a small local wine factory and buy local tsipouro, ouzo and wine. We can also visit an olive mill.

Visit the largest apple cooperative in the Balkans, “Zagorin”. Tour through the Cool House, watch the apple selection and buy “Zagorin” apples of Protected Name of Origin. During the September-October period we can visit an apple orchard and take part in the apple picking.

We can cook local traditional recipes with biological products we will provide you.

Visit the nearby village of Makryrachi renowned for its great flower production which is the main industry of the village.

Horse-riding in Pelion
While going on vacation in Pelion there is the opportunity to go horse riding in the surrounding villages of Pelion. This way may go through traditional settlements, old cobbled roads and graphical villages. Moreover, you may choose the route you are willing to take and visit various places of interest, as well.
Traditional Recipes in Pelion.
Local meat, spicy sausages and fresh fish from Chorefto in combination with ouzo, tsipouro, wine and traditional mezedes (local finger food) will give you the chance to experience a traditional country meal.

You may also book a table in order to taste the traditional food of Pelion in a local tavern of our region upon request, and get to know the secrets of our local cuisine.