Horefto Zagora Sights


By staying at our Hotel in Horefto you may spend your free time doing some of the following activities:

You can visit:

check   The Concealed School of Regas Fereos

check   The square of Agios Georgios with the Age-long Plane Trees

check   The churches of Agios Georgios, of Agia Kyriaki, of Agia Paraskevi and of Metamorphosi tou Sotiros (metamorphosis of the Savior)

check   The laboratory of production of sweets of the Local Feminine Cooperative

check   The laboratory of production of Pasta

check   The Library

check   The events of the Cultural Summer and the Pelion Festival

check   The Apple Refrigerators

check   The old church of Agios Nikolaos, built on the ruins of the ancient temple, and the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Horefto

check   The local festival of Horefto on the 29th of August

check   The bazaar of the Association of Professionals of the municipality of Zagora in Horefto

check   The Nautical night in Horefto

check   With your own vessel from Horefto or by going on a cruise, the area of Palia Mitzela with the vast sea-caves, where the fleet of the Persian king Xerxes was destroyed (480 B.C.)

check   According to the Greek Mythology Nereid Thetida fell in love with Pileas there.

Our region makes the ideal choice for your summer holidays in Pelion.

Our region makes the ideal choice for your summer holidays in Pelion. Starting from Horefto, you can visit all the beaches in Pelion and visit all the sights and natural beauty that Pelion can offer you as well.

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