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Pelion presents an ideal place for hiking. History tells us that mythical gods, Centaurs, giants, nymphs, kings and warriors have walked there. The beauty of Mount Pelion with the rich plantation, the traditional settlements and the breathtaking view of the sea from many places challenge its visitors to explore it.

The “old road network of Pelion”, the path going through the mountain, stretching in 190 km length, was initially created by the merchants of another era. It was built by local constructors and renowned stonework experts from Epirus.

The passer-by walking in them comes across splendid arched bridges and big fountains of exceptional architecture which being combined with the dreamlike landscape offer them an exciting experience.

In the recent few years and through EU financing some of the paths were rebuilt, others restored and distinguished, marked and mapped. Join us to some of them:

Together with our professional mountain guide we provide we can follow the routes:

1. Zagora – Horefto

1 hour From the mountain to the sea Easy
The easiest path we can follow. We may go down through the path from the village of Zagora to the beach of Horefto. During our walk we can stroll through the forest and pass through places where we can see the farming of apples and olives.


2. Zagora – Taxiarches – Horefto

1 hour From the mountain to the sea Easy
We walk past the monastery of Taxiarches, go through the wood, the apple trees, the olives and various other cultivations. The route is a path, a rural road and at some points asphalt.


3. Pouri – Analipsi – Chorefto

2.30 hours Coastal Easy
The biggest part of the route is a path through the wood and then along the beach. In the midway we encounter 3 chapels (Agios Ioannis – Agioi Pantes – Analipsi).


4. Pouri – Pergakia

3.30 hours A beautiful route with a view of the mountains and the sea approximately at 500 m. Medium
The changes of height through the national path O2 connecting Pelion with Mount Olympus make this route fantastic. We pass by two old arched bridges while the biggest part of the path is stone filled.


5. Pouri – Profitis Elias – Panagia Rassova 

2 hours From the village to the mountain Medium
Going up from Pouri through the path we go through beautiful sceneries passing by the chapels of Profitis Elias and Panagia Rassova. We then return by car.


6. Kokkinogia – Panagia Leschiani – Agios Athanasios

5 hours A fantastic route through the wood High
We reach Kokkinogia by car (2.15 hours). We then start hiking in a path through the beech forest and then through an oak forest. We pass by the monastery of Sourvia, the chapel of Ai Nikola, of Panagia Leschiani until finally reaching the church of Agios Athanasios. During our trip we come by two arched bridges. We then return by car.


7. Kastanitsa – Panagia Leschiani

3 hours Beautiful downhill route through the mountain with a nice view Easy
We reach Kastanitsa by car (2.30 hours). We start hiking through the dense forest, walk down and admire the beauties of Pelion while gazing Lake Karla and the plains of Thessaly. We pass by the monastery of Sourvia, the chapels of Ai Nikola, of Panagia Leschiani and an arched bridge.


8. Voulia – Kormos

4 hours Downhill cool route through a beech forest Medium
We reach Voulia by car (2.30 hours). We go down the path through a beech forest until we reach Kormos, passing by the arched bridge of Poros and the stream of Lagonika. Throughout our route we pass by fantastic sceneries, a dense forest and various ravines that offer unique dew.


9. Hania – Tsagarada

5 hours The glory of Pelion No 1 High
Our trip begins from the ski centre of Chania, Agrioleukes, we pass by the peaks of Golgotha and Mega Isioma and while going down the mountain we reach the village of Tsagarada. We shall then return by car.


10. Hania – Vizitsa

5 hours The glory of Pelion No 2 High
We go down the graphic village of Pelion called Vizitsa through the ski centre of Chania. It’s a unique route that very few people know, which offers its walkers wonderful natural sceneries, true masterpieces of nature. We shall then return by car.


11. Makrinitsa – Pouri

7 hours Experienced hikers High
Starting from Makrinitsa we shall go up towards the peak of Mount Pelion, go past the chapel of Profitis Elias of Makrinitsa, the arched stone bridge in Kryoneri – stream of Xerias, the shelter of the mountaineering club (near the highest peak of Mount Pelion – Pourianos Stavros), the Lagonika springs, Agia Marina and then Profitis Elias of Pouri, just before we reach our destination (Pouri).


12. Palia Mitzela – Veneto

5 hours Experienced hikers High
We reach Mitzela by car (1.30 hour). We then follow the O2 path, while enjoying the view combined with magical scenery, beautiful beaches and the mythical region of the caves and the steep slopes of North Pelion. We go back by car.


13. Pouri – Veneto

9 hours Very experienced hikers Very high
This is quite a long route. During the ¾ of the trip we walk in a path where we come across two arched bridges and fantastic sceneries near steep beaches, even the caves where the fleet of Xerxes was destroyed. We may return from Veneto to Chorefto on our speed boat.


14. Tsagarada – Damouhari

1 hour Very easy and beautiful. Easy
Families with children may also take part in this trip.


15. Xourichti – Milies

3 hours Quite beautiful and easy Easy
Our trip begins from the village of Xourichti and follows the old track, while going through the forest. This route is easy and very graphical.


16. Tour in the region of Sourvia

- We go on a tour in the region of Sourvia and then go back by car. -
Besides the above mentioned routes there is the possibility to go on a tour in the region of Sourvia. However, a car is required for this trip to take place.

Furthermore, the trip by car may be combined with small distances of hiking, while walking past two arched bridges, in Vrios and Pergakia. During our visit in Lantovito we may walk in a beech forest and finally end up in a region full of caves. We can go into the caves (approximately 10 metres) with o flashlight. The trip lasts for about 4 ½ hours by car, including 3 short hikes of about 30 minutes each.

Finally, there is the opportunity to improvise and organize short or long trips anywhere in Pelion you may choose, driving a car or hiking.


General advice for safe hiking

When going hiking, one should wear woollen socks, boots (best if non-skid), thick trousers, long-sleeved shirts or T-shirts, a straw hat or a cloth one in the summer.

Moreover, a bottle of water, some fruit and even some raisins or dry food may prove to be quite necessary for hikers.

We also organize local tours to the Historic fountains of Zagora and the churches and chapels of the area.

The routes described above are indicative. There are more ones we have planned for you, which follow unmapped old paths even more beautiful that only our guide knows. The schedule can be adjusted according to the needs of the participants and, of course, the current weather conditions.

There is a display of the paths in Pelion in three maps of the “Anavasi” company named “North Pelion and South Pelion” on a scale of 1:50.000 and “Central Pelion” on a scale of 1:25.000.


Note: In order to participate in the activities described above you should ask for it in advance. Of course, for some of them you also need to be healthy and in good shape.

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