Pelion Festival – Zagora Horefto Cultural Summer

Enjoy the inalterable customs and traditions at the Pelion Festival, along with concerts, performances and dancing groups!


The customs and traditions remain unchanged over time. The Pelion Festival and Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Zagora take place every summer.

Through the artistic and cultural events, apart from the local dances and music, the visitors of Pelion can also get to know the past, the present and the way of life of the residents of Pelion.

The Pelion Festival and the Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Zagora are successful institutions that take place every summer and are particularly beloved to many visitors. During your holidays in Pelion don’t leave out going to these events, so that you can experience the original nights in Pelion.

Our hotel can provide you with the schedules and timetables of those events inform you about the particular places and even book your seats, if necessary.


Some of the events taking place in the Pelion Festival and the Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Zagora are:

check   Original ancient Greek music concerts

check   Violoncello and piano concerts

check   Performances of narratives for children

check   Dancing groups reunion

check   Festival Revivals

check   Traditional Wedding in Pelion revival

check   Painting Workshops

check   Theatrical Performances

check   Documentary Speeches

check   Poetry Nights

check   Bazaar of the Professionals

check   Festivals on Sand

check   Exhibitions in the Zagora Museum (School of Regas Fereos)


Enrich your holiday with unforgettable experiences by enjoying every event or Festival taking place in Pelion!


Artistic Direction: Zoi Samsarelou

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